Greater Manchester folk have risen to the challenge by dipping into their own pockets to buy life protecting health items for those sleeping on our streets.
Hygiene Kits which include Face masks, hand sanitising gel and other essentials paid for by the public, That means that those experiencing homelessness in all ten boroughs of Greater Manchester now been given some protection against COVID-19.
“The generosity has been nothing short of heroic and demonstrates that in times of need, Greater Manchester ensures it’s vulnerable are cared for” said Homeless-Friendly founder, Zahid Chauhan “The average life expectancy of a street sleeper is just 45 years-of-age and they are incredibly susceptible to viruses. The selflessness shown by our donors who must have enough on their minds already, is simply overwhelming.”
But it is not just the kind-hearted public who have helped protect rough sleepers. Homeless-Friendly’s partners in organisations such as St John’s Ambulance and Urban Outreach in Bolton have risen to the challenge by giving out the kits.
So impressed with the support Homeless-Friendly surgeries supply, that A&E units, out-of-hours health services, dentists, hospices, charities, local authorities, businesses and even football clubs have since joined the fold.
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