The principal aim in setting up Homeless-Friendly is to change the culture of healthcare, public and private sector organisations and society as a whole and remove any barriers homeless people may have to accessing services.

We want everyone to pledge to better understand what it is to be homeless and to learn about the many organisations that help people and share experience and learning.

Our programme asks organisations to look at their policies and procedures and even study their culture, in an effort to become homeless-friendly. It also encourages people to come together and as a community, remind this most misunderstood and disengaged group, that they are a part of a society that cares for them.

This is also the opportunity for us all to network and identify how we can work together to create homeless-friendly communities.

We are trialing an online pledge please click HERE to find out more:

We want you to pledge to:

  • Help meet the needs of people who are homeless or threatened with homelessness
  • Speak to people who are homeless with understanding and compassion
  • Examine your policies and procedures to ensure they are homeless–friendly
  • Train your staff to meet the needs of people who are homeless
  • Work with your partners and include and encourage them to care for people who are homeless
  • If appropriate act as a hub for your community in their efforts to help people who are homeless

Read more about how we help and reward pledging organisations.