Homeless Friendly encourages organisations to lead the way in creating a cultural shift in how we view those without a permanent home and remind them they are a pivotal part of our society. Homeless Friendly as a registered charity asks that we examine the way we conduct our business and pledge to become Homeless Friendly. NHS surgeries and other healthcare providers are amongst the first to make that commitment but any public, voluntary or private organisation can join in.  We offer advice on how to become Homeless Friendly, share local support information, encourage our pledgers to share good practice and work with our partners to offer practical support to the homeless and tackle the roots of the problem.

  • The average life expectancy of a person who is homeless is just 45(men) 43(women) years of age
  • 73% of people who are homeless said they had experienced recent physical health problems
  • Over half lack the literacy skills needed for everyday life
  • People who are homeless are nine times more likely to commit suicide than other groups in society
  • 41%  are dealing with a long-term health problem
  • 80% of rough sleepers reported some form of mental health issue
  • 15% of newly sentenced prisoners were homeless immediately before going into custody
  • 35% of people who are homeless had been to Accident & Emergency recently and 26% had been admitted to hospital over the past six months

Registered Charity Number 1182814