Homeless people will now be able to access immediate healthcare at GP surgeries in Greater Manchester – and it could be life-changing.

Rough sleepers often struggle to see a doctor because they have no permanent address and find it difficult to register at a practice.

The ‘homeless friendly’ scheme will benefit people like Leighton Faith, 41, who has been homeless for five years.

Originally from Rochdale, he has had trouble accessing healthcare since he was forced onto the streets.

He said: “The last time I went to a GP was six years ago. Without a home address or family connections it’s really hard and I have been turned away before now.

“It’s something people in our community do talk about a lot and hopefully, if this works and enough homeless people are aware it’s taking place, this will help a lot of people.”

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A potentially life-changing new scheme will give homeless people vital access to healthcare

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