We are proud to announce that we have recently partnered with The Homelessness Vaccination Campaign and written to every Local Authority in the country asking for people who are homeless to be prioritised in relation to receiving the COVID-19 vaccination. The letter is as below. If you feel you want to join our campaign then please reach out to homelessnessvaccination@gmail.com or ourselves at homlessfriendly@gmail.com

Dear Local authority leaders, Over the past month, we as homelessness and migrant justice campaigners have been organising with Dr Zahid Chauhan OBE and Homeless Friendly charity (based in Oldham). Altogether as the Homelessness Vaccination Campaign, we are advocating for everyone experiencing homelessness to be included – amongst the highest or higher priority groups – for COVID-19 vaccination. Everybody has a right to be vaccinated, regardless of their GP registration and/or immigration status.  By clicking here, you will find a letter addressed to you and your local CCG. We are sending this letter to local authorities and CCGs across the UK throughout the course of this week. It calls on you all to move urgently to ensure the vaccination of rough sleepers and people in temporary accommodation. We strongly believe doing so is a public health duty – which will save the lives of some of the most vulnerable and marginalised people in our community, and reduce lives lost to COVID-19. So far 18 charities, organisations and groups have signed our letter, including The Big Issue, Pathway, Medact, Migrants Organise, The Outside Project and the Museum of Homelessness. More signatures are coming in as we speak. We request a timely response from your council and/or CCG to our letter, and the six requests outlined within it. HVC has members who are doctors and public workers, thus many of us work closely with our local councils and CCGs, and see all the good work happening on the ground amid this global health emergency. We thank you immensely for your tireless commitment towards our communities during this unprecedented global health emergency. However, we do call on you to step those commitments up, to truly ensure nobody is left behind. 
In solidarity,

Homelessness Vaccination Campaign
Dr Zahid Chauhan OBE, Founder of Homeless Friendly charity.

Paula Barker, MP for Liverpool, Wavertree.

Prioritising people experiencing homelessness in the COVID-19 vaccination process

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