Carers and staff recently came together to participate in Homeless Friendly’s awareness raising training, developing their knowledge in relation to homelessness. It can be forgotten that carers often support members of their family who are threatened with or actually become homeless. Trafford Carers Centre are determined to ensure that they are able to offer support to carers who are in this situation. The Centre was established in 1996 and is a Network Partner of Carers Trust, they have been offering support to carers for 20 years. The Centre support both young and adult carers to recognise their own needs and have their voices heard, offering advice and signposting carers to local organisations. Homeless Friendly encourage and support organisations to pledge that they will support people who become homeless. To find out more about the good work that they undertake please follow the links below:


Trafford Carers Centre
A First For A Carers Centre

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